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2017 make nine

I am, as usual, late to the party. It’s March, and I’m only now deciding on my 2017 Make Nine  sewing plans. Better late than never, though, and if I manage to complete this I will have a wardrobe of things I love and never want to take off!

I fell seriously out of love with sewing last year when I just seemed to hit mishap after mishap: nothing was coming together correctly and I was using my seam ripper more than I was my sewing machine. But earlier this week, I picked up my Deer + Doe Safran jeans again… and finished them. And, what’s more, they’re great! More on them in another post- but they’ve got my motivation flowing again and I’m excited to get going with this year’s projects. Most are summery, as that’s the time of year’s wardrobe I still have most trouble with (I grew up in Scotland. I haven’t found my +30-degree style yet), but there’s also a coat I sincerely hope to have ready by next winter.

  1. Seamwork Sonia dress
    This is probably the project on here I’m most excited about. I know, it’s “just” a simple shift dress, but I love all the playing with pattern direction! I found a stripy linen-viscose mix on and just couldn’t resist. This one will be ready in time for the first hot days, which I hope aren’t too far away now.
  2. Seamwork Ariane bodysuit
    A more practical make for once! Last year I discovered I really liked bodysuits with high-waisted skirts and I hit jackpot by being in H&M at the exact moment they marked down theirs to €3 each. Never one to miss a bargain, I bought them all… but they’re all grey. I love grey, but you can have too much. Also they’re not really designed for someone with as long a torso as mine. TL;DR I need more. And I love the Ariane one.In an effort to not always be wearing pattered fabric, I’ll be endeavouring to make this in a solid colour (though while scrolling through I have just found a ridiculous duck-print (and I mean photos, not cartoons) jersey and am wondering if I can make an exception… Just this once…)*
  3. Hunter Tank by Jennifer Lauren Handmade
    I bought this pattern last May and never made it. So, I’ll be #patternstashing this one. As it doesn’t use much fabric, I think I can scrape it out of my fabric stash too. I’ve a plain, salmon-pink viscose that this would work beautifully with.
  4. Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes
    These are a more unusual make for me: I haven’t worn culottes since being a Brownie back in the late 1990s. Megan’s culottes, unlike my brownie ones (which were, predictably, brown) are designed to work with a drapey fabric, looking largely like a skirt but with the practicality of shorts. Win, in my opinion. I’ve already got a lovely geometric print viscose waiting in my sewing room which would work perfectly!
  5. Megan Nielsen Veronika Skirt
    Another stripy stash-buster. I bought some thick, white and blue striped cotton with the intention of making a structured, sticky-outy skirt with it. Megan’s free skirt pattern fits the bill for me, and I’m looking forward to playing with the pattern of those interesting pockets…
  6. Deer + Doe Melilot
    I bought this as a bundle with my Safran jeans. I’ve already got a lovely white lawn for a light, springy yet office-suitable shirt. I’ve also promised my mum one, so this will be a 2-in-1 project!
  7. Burda 6581 coat
    Another bought-and-not-yet-made. This is a ridiculously long-term project which is currently all over my sewing room floor- and unfortunately still only at the tracing stage. No seam allowance on the pattern pieces mean this is taking a lot longer than I was expecting. Any tips and tricks for how to deal with this quickly?! It’s doing my head in!I already have all my fabric for this: a 60:40 wool:acrylic blend in a camel colour, and a gloriously luxurious-feeling end of line bargain silky polyester as a lining. There is a strong possibility I’ll love the lining more than the coat itself. Such is a sewist’s life.
  8. Seamwork Mesa
    Can you tell I’m on a bit of a Seamwork kick at the moment?! This one is less of a fun project and more of a staple. On days when I’m in the office, I am always reaching for my stretchy shift dresses and I never have enough of them. I’ll aim to make at least one of these, in a practical colour or print which is corporate-world-suitable. I may even double-up this pattern and make a t-shirt version or two… Would look perfect in a stretchy Wookiee fabric** or even in a more practical solid.
  9. Seamwork Aberdeen
    Another practical make – perfect for flinging on over the various dresses/top and skirt combos above!


So, that’s it! You can follow  the whole challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #2017MakeNine, and you can keep up with my makes here and on my own Instagram.


*For those concerned, the duck print sold out while I was trying to convince myself that I was only joking about the whole thing. Fate dictated that I buy a plain beige instead, which is probably a good thing.

** I do work from home most of the time, so really, I can dress in Star Wars related fabric 5 days of the week if I so want. I’m writing this dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle leggings.

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