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makes: lisette by simplicity 1419 blazer

It must be almost a year since I bought this pattern, with the intention of making a whole wardrobe of summer dresses for 2016 (ha). I dug it out of the unholy mess which is my sewing room, again, with the intention of making a dress, when I noticed that this also includes a pattern for a blazer! Say what now?

I have a love/hate relationship with blazers. I love wearing them but RTW ones never fit properly over my chest. So when I spotted this one, I had to give it a go.


Simplicity Lisette 1419 is a cropped blazer with a small peplum at the bottom. It’s a great pattern to come to after a sewing break of frustration with your sewing machine, because there is next to no fitting involved – it’s meant to be relaxed and untailored. I sewed up a straight size 12/40 in this rather lovely fabric.

If you think it looks similar to your curtains, let’s be real – it probably is your curtains.  I got it from Ikea’s fabric range and I regret nothing. It’s 100% cotton, but since it’s designed for more upholstery-style uses (ahem), it is quite a rigid fabric to work with. I thought this would be great for a blazer…Well, yes and no. It’s great in the sense that it holds its shape very well, but frankly a nightmare when it came to turning the lapels, facing and peplum right way round on the bottom corners (roughly where I’m grabbing them on the picture below).


At this point in the garment, there are are 5 layers of fabric sandwiched together, which is a little too much to handle. I clipped and trimmed as much as I could, but it’s still a little wonky. However, the busy print hides a multitude of sins. The inside is a hot mess as this fabric also frays like a beast, and no amount of faux-overlocking was going to help it. But do I like it? Absolutely!


It’s a firm favourite in my work wardrobe, and I always get compliments on it (from women. My boyfriend says I look like a chair). It’s a great little layer to put on over a summery outfit in the cool of the morning, and isn’t too hot when the sun pops its head out.

lisette-1419-2  lisette-1419-4



Would I make it again? Absolutely, but in a less stiff fabric. I’d also lengthen it just a little, as it’s a bit too cropped for my normal taste, and lengthen the sleeves too – these are the length indicated in the pattern but are at that awkward “are they cropped or aren’t they?” stage. I had my reservations about the peplum when I first made it: like Lucinda’s the peplum on mine had a tendency to stick out a little too far, but after its first wash and iron it’s settled down nicely.

Also for next time: not taking photos of over-garments when it’s pushing 30 degrees outside. Phew.

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