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Sunday Summary

Here’s my week summed up in a few pictures. It’s been a busy one, guys…

1. Finishing dissertation! It’s due on Wednesday of this coming week, so I diligently had it finished 10 days in advance, as my supervisor suggested. This meant plenty of time for editing/deciding I hate bits/having a breakdown. Now I’m having a breakdown because he still hasn’t got back to me about revisions… Sigh.

2. The weather has been absolutely heavenly, considering it’s Scotland and rain is the default setting. I’ve taken advantage of this by doing some extra walking and running- enjoying the weather and being healthy to boot. Let’s see how long this lasts (both the weather and the health kick)

3. And in having finished my dissertation I’ve had a couple slightly more relax-y days, which mostly consist of a delicious cup of coffee in my favourite coffee shop along with a good book. This one is still English Language based so it could be debated as to whether I actually left my dissertation behind…! But it’s so good I can’t resist (Is that a fish in your ear? by David Bellos.) Hope you all have had a lovely week!

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